The giant sandworms of Arrakis, also known as the planet Dune, are integral to both the history of the planet, the story, and the MacGuffin at the heart of the story of Dune – the spice melange. The giant sandworms traveling through the deserts of the planet are an iconic image to anyone who is familiar with the story.

French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve says he was determined to give them the attention they deserved when creating his adaptation of Dune. He spoke to Entertainment Weekly and outlined his process behind the design of the sandworms in his version:

“For us, it was important that the worm look like an animal that makes sense. To live through millions of years in the desert, you need a species that has evolved and has built a protection against the elements. Its skin has to look thick enough to protect itself in the worst environment.

The most important element is that when you see it, it has a sacred quality to it too. You will feel like you’re in a huge presence, a different kind of intelligence, something that is beyond our way of thinking.”

The long-awaited adaptation of Dune will arrive in theaters in the US and UK, and on HBO Max, on October 22. It has already got rave notices where it has been released overseas and has banked nearly $120 million from these releases. The success of Dune Part I, via both the box-office and in terms of the traffic it gets on HBO Max, will determine whether or not Villeneuve gets to bring Dune Part II to the screen. So even if you normally fly VPN Airways to sail in a bay of plundering pirates, get out of the house and go buy a ticket. The very future of adult sci-fi on the big screen depends on it!


The ensemble cast is impressive. Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Jason Momoa, and Dave Bautista are all onboard.

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