We now start to reach the weird part of the lockdown, for movie fans at least, where some of the seasons biggest movies should have been appearing in theatres.  Black Widow has moved the Marvel bandwagon on by several months.  Jungle Cruise is sitting out 2020 completely.  The first major release to make the jump forward was latest 007 movie No Time To Die.

It will now debut in November.  However it should have been in theatres worldwide right now, and out in the US from this coming Friday.  Instead it sits completed, under lock and key somewhere, waiting.

Seven months of additional time would have tempted many filmmakers to continue to tweak and change. Not director Cary Fukunaga.  Despite some internet gossip, and other movies taking this approach, Fukunaga says the film is complete and ready to go with no need for changes.

During an Instagram interview this week he was asked outright if that was the case and he was direct and clear in his response:

“Although more time would have been lovely, we had to put our pencils down when we finished our post-production window.”

He also explained why he wouldn’t want to play further:

“Short answer is money. And although Bond is a big movie, we still have to weigh cost with value. And like anything, you could tinker endlessly. The movie is great as it is.”

Hopefully we will find out on November 12th when COVID19 will be behind us and we can all start to go to the movies again.