Sources at GFR are claiming that Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul is being targeted to play a young John McClane in a Die Hard prequel. CONSUME!

The role that launched Bruce Willis into the stratosphere is up for grabs because sadly, Bruce is suffering from Aphasia. A condition that causes cognition and speech problems and has meant that Willis has had to retire from acting.

At this stage it is little more than a rumor but there is no smoke without fire and GFR do have a fairy good track record. So with Hollywood seeming to lack any ounce of originality in the 21st Century, it would hardly be surprising if this was real.

Not So Yippee-ki-yay

Even though I have little to no interest in prequels, let alone one about a Christmas film – yeah that’s right I went there – if they are going to do a Die Hard prequel, then I’m struggling to think of someone better than Paul. 

Die Hard Aaron Paul 1

He was spectacular as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad and showed he is quite the versatile actor. Often switching from being a flash prick to someone vulnerable trying to figure shit out as he goes along. Pretty perfect for John McClane if you ask me. 

Paul is currently starring in Westworld, which I’m really enjoying. Yeah I know most of you have now steamed onto the comments section to tell me I’m wrong. He has also appeared in action films like Triple 9 and Need for Speed, which shows he has the chops for the action too.

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

Aaron and his family are currently chilling out at an England coast called Whitstable. I’m only mentioning this because it’s about a half hour drive from my home and is a regular weekend destination. Perhaps I’ll pop down there and tell him about LMO and how a majority of us are sick and tired of prequels. 

Die Hard Prequel Aaron
I know exactly where this is and chances are, I’ve probably recently walked right past him!

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