There’s a juicy new rumor starting to make its way across the internet involving Jon Favreau and his continued place as the main driver of several key components of the Star Wars universe. This comes from various online sources, Star Wars channels and discussion groups. Some of whom have had various axes to grind with certain key players at Lucasfilm for a long, long time. So as usual, with unconfirmed conjecture from the internet, it gets one of these:


According to the online scuttlebutt, the rumor is that there has been a longstanding antagonistic relationship between Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau. Kennedy has long been suspected of interference in Star Wars projects, and this is often pointed to as a reason why they have an unenviable reputation for losing creatives mid-project.

Favreau reportedly had been somewhat successful at standing against this, pushing back, or just plain ignoring attempts at interference. This is what made The Mandalorian stand-out among a lot of the other Star Wars content that has been sub-optimal, culminating in the woeful Obi-Wan Kenobi last year.

It is alleged, by those online, that Kathleen Kennedy was instrumental in the firing of Gina Carano against the wishes of Favreau and this was a major flashpoint between the two. It derailed Favreau’s plans, among them Rangers Of The New Republic.

The Book Of Boba Fett was reportedly the victim of further meddling. Here it was Kennedy’s influence over the Grogu and Luke Skywalker storyline that was responsible for a massive issue. Many commentators said the sudden, apparently random insertion of a The Mandalorian season 2.5-like episode that undid what seemed like a natural, and perfect end to Grogu’s story seemed out of place.

“I better get a cut of that toy lucre, bitches!”

This is because, according to these rumors, there was a plan in place that kept Grogu and Din Djarin apart. However Kennedy used the influence of the marketing department and the merchandising power of “Baby Yoda” to insist that Grogu was reintroduced to The Mandalorian via that strange, out of place episode.

This caused a massive issue, as Favreau was operating on the understanding he had autonomy. This came to a head when Favreau went to then Disney CEO Bob Chapek and told him he was walking away. Chapek is said to have listened to Favreau’s frustrations and concerns, and struck a new agreement with Favreau to stay, guaranteed free of interference in The Mandalorian and his wider plans. This agreement still stands, even with the change of leadership at Disney. The Mandalorian season 3 will, as a result, be the most Kennedy-free Star Wars project to date.

So what do our Outposters think? Actually happened? Fanboy wishful thinking? A degree of truth and no smoke without fire?

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