Episode 2 picks up right where it left off in the premiere. Dexter’s son Harrison has shown up looking for his Dad and Dexter makes the decision to bring his son into his life

Of course, Dexter has just killed a dude, so he has that to contend with as well as the crime scene. The cops show up looking for the missing rich kid and set up a command post for the search at Dexter’s house and yard, not knowing the body is right under their feet.


We get to see a side of Dexter rarely seen in the original run since Dexter made the kill on the spur of the moment out of emotion with little time or thought for leaving evidence, so he is forced to play catch up.

One of the interesting things the series is starting to address is modern technology and the difference it makes when trying to commit a crime and get away with it.  The police bring out a drone, but Dexter catches a break since the cop operating it is a Top. Man.

Meanwhile, we are slowly introduced to the new main bad guy killer of this series slowly through the episode as he watches the girl he’s kidnapped.

The tone of the second episode is continued over from the season opener. A very different tone and feel from the original run. It feels odd but good.  We now have Dexter’s trademark inner monologue brought back at the end of the first episode, and that is appreciated.


One thing that seems clear to me is that Dex is having a hard time holding it together. His talks with his imaginary sister are getting intense, and you get the feeling that suppressing himself for 10 years has taken its mental toll. Or maybe a natural result of being off in the head.

A slower episode, still building up the story, but still pretty good.

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