Brittany Murphy had a bright future ahead of her but passed away in 2009 at the young age of 32. Her death was ruled as an accident, the coroner blaming a combination of over the counter and pneumonia medications.

HBO Max has produced a two-part documentary that features interviews with some of her co-stars and concerns they had about her husband, Simon Monjack, whom she married in 2007.

Here is a trailer for What Happen, Brittany Murphy?

It does look interesting. Her husband, Monjack, seems to have lied about having terminal brain cancer and dating Elle Macpherson and Madonna. Monjack died about 6 months after Murphy, in similar circumstances.

Murphy is known for movies like Clueless, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile and Just Married; that’s just to name a few.

This new documentary is directed by Cynthia Hill and features new footage and interviews with Murphy’s friends and others she had worked with.

The producers of What Happened, Brittany Murphy? have said:

“It goes beyond the tabloid rumours to examine the impact of Hollywood’s sexism on her struggles, as well as lingering concerns about her relationship.”

It’s never nice to see someone die so young, but this looks like it tries to understand what happened to Murphy.

What Happened, Brittany Murphy? will be streaming on HBO Max on 14th Oct, with no news of when it might show in the UK.

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