Documentary Revisits Delta Force Rescue Attempt In Iran, 1980

Greenwich Ent. has released a trailer for the documentary Desert One about the failed Delta Force operation to rescue American hostages in Iran.

Desert One follows Operation Eagle Claw, the botched attempt to rescue 52 embassy staff held captive at the Embassy of the United States in Tehran.

Delta Force was only three years old in 1980 and this kind of non-wartime mission was mostly uncharted territory for military teams.

The 1980 presidential election was looming and a successful extraction could have ignited a wave of patriotic fervour that would’ve kept President Jimmy Carter in office. The mission failed, Carter took full responsibility for the decisions and Ronald Reagan swept into office.

Here’s the trailer –

Desert One’s synopsis reads –

“‘Desert One‘ is the story of Americans working together to overcome the most difficult problem in their lives. When 52 American diplomats and citizens were taken hostage inside Iran, the then-President Jimmy Carter secretly green-lights the training for a rescue mission. America‚Äôs Special Forces soldiers also find themselves in uncharted territory, planning a top-secret rescue of unprecedented scale and complexity. Driven by deep empathy toward the kidnapped Americans, the heart-pounding and unforeseen events the rescue team participated in will forever unite them.”


“The film also presents Iranian perspectives on this important moment in their history. A female Iranian crew filmed overlooked accounts inside that country, one from a man who had been an 11-year-old boy riding a bus through the desert on the night of the mission. As tensions once again rise between the governments of Iran and the US, old wounds remain painfully current for many who poignantly detail their recollections in ‘Desert One‘.”

The documentary was produced by Cabin Creek Films. Barbara Kopple produced and directed the film, with David Cassidy and Eric Forman serving as producers.

Desert One will be released on digital on August 21st