Guillermo Del Toro is on something of a hot-streak. Pinocchio is well-reviewed and an awards darling. Cabinet Of Curiosities is getting buzz. so what’s next for him? His long-gestating Frankenstein project for Netflix, apparently.

According to Giant Freakin’ Robot there are already talks underway around casting. Their sources say Andrew Garfield will play the monster, while Oscar Isaac is in talks to star as the scientist. Netflix has had a deal in place for this with del Toro since 2020.

When asked about this late last year, del Toro replied:

“Hopefully, it’ll be next, but anything can happen.”

He also hinted that it won’t be a straight up adaption of the novel as we all know it. Rather:

“…doing an adventure story that involves the creature…”

A recent synopsis that leaked out talked of an Eastern European setting in the 19th Century and a new doctor trying to track down Frankenstein’s monster. Although believed to have died in a fire forty years ago, this doctor has new information and aims to continue the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.

Mary Shelley’s 1818 story is within the public domain now. Netflix optioned Bernie Wrightson’s illustrated adaptation of the novel a few years ago, meaning that content is up for del Toro’s adaption should he wish.

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Filming is said to be planning for June. Gary Ungar will produce for Exile Entertainment.

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