Former Superman star, Dean Cain is going to make his directorial debut in a family sports comedy called Little Angels.

The story is about Jake (Cane), a top college football coach, who puts in a female placekicker as a publicity stunt, but when she misses a kick, makes a joke about female athletes and gets suspended. To get his job back, he has to coach an all 12-year-old female soccer team.


Cane is set to star in, write and direct the movie. Fellow cast members are Helena Mattsson, Juliet Donenfeld, Steve Inman, Barry Brewer and Caroline Baxter.

Cane is 54…I only included that, coz I read it and it made me feel old, anyway…Cane is best known as playing Superman in the TV series Lois & Clarke : The New Adventures of Superman. Both he and Teri Hatcher, who played Lois Lane, wanted to reprise their roles for the TV show, since it ended on a cliff-hanger.

Dean Cain

The series was cancelled when Hatcher became pregnant. Cane said about Hatcher:

“She had some problems and wasn’t able to shoot. We talked about shooting early and tried to work around it but the studio pulled the plug. I’d love to see what happened to Lois and Clark, and how their love affair has progressed. I think they’d still be married and have a couple of kids, and I’d like to see how parenting has been for them. Teri Hatcher and I have spoken about it [revival] and think it would be a lot of fun because we ended the show on a weird note.”

Little Angels has no release date as of yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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