Christoph Waltz and Willem Dafoe will both star in the new upcoming Western Dead For A Dollar which is being directed by Walter Hill.

Dead For A Dollar

Hill is the man who directed films such as The Warriors, 48 Hours, and Brewster’s Millions, but he’s also a producer that is one of the primary forces behind the Alien franchise.

According to Deadline, Hill is set to write and direct a new Western titled Dead For A Dollar. And not only is Hill attached, but he’s also signed on actors such as Waltz and Dafoe to star in it.

Dead For A Dollar tells the story of a famous bounty hunter, Max Borlund (Waltz), who is hired by a Santa Fe businessman to recover his kidnapped wife from Mexico. While south of the border, Borlund meets up with an American expatriate, Joe Cribbens (Dafoe), who just happens to be the bounty hunter’s sworn enemy.

When Borlund finds Rachel and Elijah hiding deep in the wilds of the Mexican desert, he discovers that Rachel has willingly fled from an abusive husband, and the runaway soldier is, in fact, her romantic partner. Max is now faced with a dilemma: does he return the wife back across the border to the man who hired him, or does he aid Rachel’s bid for freedom and fight off ruthless hired guns and his longtime criminal rival.

Dead For A Dollar

Speaking in a past interview, director Hill said:

“Every film I’ve done has been a Western,”

“Western is ultimately a stripped-down moral universe that is, whatever the dramatic problems are, beyond the normal avenues of social control and social alleviation of the problem, and I like to do that even within contemporary stories.”

A release date has yet to be announced for Hill’s Dead For A Dollar.

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