There are only seven days now left in January. When they took over DC Studios and started to chart the future course of the new DCEU, now to be known as the DC Universe, or DCU, Peter Safran and James Gunn promised that an announcement in January 2023 would give more details and reveal the first stage of their plans.


It is getting close to the end of January, can we still expect an announcement? Are things on track? James Gunn’s Twitter never disappoints:


Gunn had been characteristically active on Twitter again over the weekend, talking to fans and responding to questions.

Some fans, displaying the kind of balls-out and breathtaking entitlement that only Gen-Z combined with social media can create, flat out asked him not to cast any Marvel actors in DC roles, particularly any Guardians Of The Galaxy stars.

Quite rightly, he shut that down quickly:

An overexcited Jason Momoa has obviously got some good news, as we reported last week. We thought Aquaman had a stay of execution, but now some reports indicate it’s not Aquaman and that iteration of the character will be consigned to a watery grave. So who knows what is going on?

DC has Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom locked, loaded and ready to go. All of these are due out this year.

So it is entirely possible that four movies are the end of the DCEU, which is dead. Long live the DCU! Even if production started in the summer on a new DCU feature, for example a new Superman, it is unlikely anything would be in theatres before 2025. By then the ex-DCEU would be well in the rearview mirror.

This would certainly fit with the abrupt, and final, cancellation of any and all projects not currently in actual production such as Wonder Woman 3, any Cavill Superman, and any potential Black Adam sequel.

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