But It’s Still Cancelled

According to Variety, the CW has acquired the rights to re-air air the one and only season of DC Universe’s Swamp Thing TV series.

Additionally, the CW will air the CBS All Access original show Tell Me A Story. The anthology series was cancelled on the streaming service after two seasons, but The CW plans to air all episodes.

The show stars Crystal Reed as Dr. Abby Arcane and Derek Mears as the titular Swamp Thing. This is the second DC Universe series to wind up on The CW, with episodes of the new series Stargirl also set to air on the network.

Variety does not report whether there is any potential for a series revival, nor a planned premiere date for the re-aired series.

Swamp Thing premiered in May, and its first season consisted of 10 episodes. Shortly after its premiere, DC Universe announced that the series had been cancelled. The remaining episodes were released on DC Universe until the series’ conclusion.

The network will also air the Canadian series Coroner, along with British comedy Dead Pixels. This will be the US debut for both shows.