DC’s upcoming Future Slate will see a new Batman under the cowl and he’s a black guy.

Future Slate: The Next Batman will be the estranged son of Wayne Enterprise’s CEO Lucius Fox and brother to the former Batwing Luke Fox, Tim Fox.

The four-book miniseries will be penned by 12 Years a Slave writer John Ridley with Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez on art duties.

Ridley stated that his sons were a big inspiration for his involvement in the project.

“They’re happy for me. They’re great supporters. But they would much rather see Black Panther than 12 Years a Slave, let’s be honest. So to be able to write the next Batman, for them to know that this next Batman is going to be Black, everybody else on the planet can hate it, have a problem with it, denigrate it, but I have my audience and they already love it.”

The series will be bi-weekly and the first issue will ship on January 5, 2021.