With many actual conventions cancelled, the entire bandwagon moved online. When Comic Con At Home was a bust many blamed the lack of decent content. This was because studios had worked out that they could do their own thing, control the line-up and timings, and with tie-ins and sponsorship maybe make a little bit of money on the side.

Among those keeping their big guns back for their own event was Warner Bros with their DCEU. Now they have released the entire 24 hour line-up for their Fandome event.

The full schedule can be accessed at their event website which allows you to create your own profile (hello endless marketing e-mails!) and build out your own schedule depending on what you are into.

There will be two channels broadcasting – a first run channel then a second encore performance an hour later. Panels range from ten minutes to half an hour. Among the worlds or the “Halls”, the two main areas cover movies and TV. The biggest one is the Hall Of Heroes and the line up there is as follows:

10am: Wonder Woman 1984
10:30am: WB Games Montreal Announcement
10:45am: The Sandman
11:45am: The Flash (movie)
12:00pm: The Suicide Squad
2:45pm: The Snyder Cut of Justice League
3pm: Black Adam
4pm: Aquaman
4:15pm: Wonder Woman 80th Celebration
4:30pm: Shazam II
5pm: Rocksteady Games’ Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
5:30pm: The Batman

The WatchVerse will cover mainly TV and that line-up is:

10am: The Flash
10:45am: Black Lightning
11:30am: Pennyworth
12:00pm: Legends of Tomorrow
1:15pm: Doom Patrol
2:35pm: Superman & Lois
5pm: Lucifer
5:30pm: Titans
6pm: Young Justice
6:45pm: Stargirl
7:30pm: Batwoman
8:15pm: Harley Quinn

The full listings and the chance to build your schedule are at DCFandome.com. One week to go.