George A. Romero, much like John Carpenter is very hit and miss for me. I love Night of the Living Dead and Martin is pretty good as well, but movies like Day of the Dead, I just don’t understand how people praise it so much.

I get the social commentary it has, but you need more than that to have an actually good movie. The idea of them working on the zombies was interesting, it was different from basically all other zombie movies where they’re just holding out. However, everything else was pretty standard at best.

Everyone was an asshole in one form or another. Mostly the military, but of course that’s because it seems Romero simply told them to act like one-note assholes. They didn’t even act like they were in the military. No order to them at all. They didn’t even look like they were military, being fat, lazy and chaotic.

The studying of the zombies was wasted on trying to get them to act human again, instead of searching for a cure. When one of the people got bit, instead of taking him to “Frankenstein,” so maybe he could research it, watch it, and possibly reverse-engine near it, they instead, leave him alone.

Often things happen to service the plot and nothing else, it’s lazy. People praise it though because it’s Romero. I just can’t get over how stupid everyone was. Why didn’t they kill the zombies at the fence by stabbing them in the head?

So many questions, because of stupidity. It’s one thing to have people do stupid things because it’s their character, but everyone was stupid, even the “scientists.”

Romero should have spent less time thinking he was being brilliant with his commentary and more time writing and directing a good movie.

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