David Lynch has joined the cast of The Fablemans, the newest project from Steven Spielberg about his life and learning to become a film director.

Allegedly, there are rumors that he’ll be taking on the mantle of another legendary director: John Ford.


Spielberg met Ford when he was 15, and Ford greatly influenced the teenager. According to Spielberg, Ford sat him down in his office and asked him, “What do you know about art?” He had Spielberg look at all the art on his office walls, and kept asking, “Where’s the horizon?”

He told Spielberg, “When you’re able to distinguish the art between the horizon on the bottom of the frame or at the top of a frame, but not going right through the center of a frame, you might make a pretty good picture maker.”

He then told Spielberg to “get the fuck out” of his office.

Ford directed over 140 films in his long and storied career, which began with The Tornado in 1917. Many of his earliest films were lost, and don’t exist in any film archive anywhere.

John Wayne’s first film with Ford was technically Mother Machree, although he was uncredited. He had three more uncredited roles with Ford before Stagecoach in 1939. In 1930, Ford directed Up The River, which was the film debut of both Spencer Tracy and Humphrey Bogart.

Ford passed away before he could see how he had influenced Spielberg.


Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, and Paul Dano are attached to The Fablemans. Others include Judd Hirsch, Julia Butters, Oakes Fegley, Nicolas Cantu, Isabelle Kusman, and Robin Bartlett. The film focuses on Sammy Fableman, who represents Spielberg.

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