Director Will Create More Content For Streaming Service

David Fincher, whose latest film Mank is set to bow on Netflix, says he has signed a multiyear exclusive content deal with Netflix.

The news of his deal had been circulating for months, but the filmmaker confirmed it in an interview with French magazine Premiere.

In the interview, Fincher said –

“Yes, I have an exclusivity deal with [Netflix] for another four years. And depending on Mank’s reception, I’ll either go see them sheepishly asking them what I can do to redeem myself or take the attitude of the arrogant asshole who’ll require making other films in black and white. No, I’m here to deliver them ‘content’ — whatever it means— likely to bring them spectators, in my small sphere of influence,”

The interview adds that the deal was made before Mank and that it’s a –

“major…deal worth over nine-figures.”

In the sitdown, Fincher added –

“Now [because] I signed this Netflix deal it’s also because I’d like to work like Picasso painted, to try very different things, to try to break the shape or change the operating mode. I like the idea of having a body of work. And yes, I admit that it feels strange, after forty years in this profession, to only have ten films under my belt. Well, eleven, but ten that I can say are mine. Yes, objectively, it is a pretty terrifying observation.”

Fincher already has a strong relationship with Netflix ever since he executive-produced and even directed some episodes of House Of Cards, which kicked off the platform’s original programming run. He was the director and showrunner of Mindhunter, recently cancelled by Netflix.

In Mank, Fincher heads back to the 1930s and ‘reevaluates Hollywood’ through the eyes of screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz — a drama critic for The New York Times and The New Yorker who is co-credited for writing Citizen Kane with Orson Welles.

The film is out on November 13th.