Can Dave Filoni be a new hope? Most fans of Star Wars have observed the wreckage of the galaxy far, far away since Disney acquired the franchise and then seemingly set about destroying it, with a sense of horror. Then, among the wreckage, there was hope. The Mandalorian seemed to be made by people who understand Star Wars, in that it’s generally a simple story, well told. They even did something very unfashionable in Hollywood these days. They gave the fans what they actually wanted.

This led fans to simply decide that the entire Star Wars franchise must immediately be placed in the hands of the people behind this show, rather than those who took one of the greatest gifts in cinematic history – three new Star Wars movies with the original cast and Disney’s money – and proceeded to drive it straight into the wall.

Who knows, maybe yesterday that took a step closer. Dave Filoni, one of the key creatives behind The Mandalorian and many of the other parts of Star Wars that remain well-regarded by fans, has been handed a major promotion at Lucasfilm. Filoni is now an Executive Creative Director at the company, which means he will have a larger role in shaping the future of the franchise.

Lucasfilm’s official website has already updated Dave Filoni’s profile with the title of Executive Creative Director, to go along with his Executive Producer title. Others who hold this title at Lucasfilm include John Knoll and Doug Chiang.

Dave Filoni originally joined Lucasfilm in 2005 as he was hand-selected by George Lucas to help build the company’s animation studio. The Clone Wars was a major output of that, and after a rocky start it went on to become one of the fan favorites. Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: Resistance was to follow before he moved on to The Mandalorian alongside Jon Favreau.

Filoni is now working on The Book of Boba Fett, and is the creator and producer of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. He is also spinning up Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic.

Anyone who has watched the behind-the-scenes footage of The Mandalorian can see his passion for Star Wars and deep knowledge of the whole universe. This can only be a good movie by Lucasfilm.

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