Dashcam is a comedy horror movie that did everything right for me. I haven’t enjoyed or been as entertained by a horror movie, or a horror-comedy movie this completely since Return Of The Living Dead, which is one of my all-time top 5 movies.

Dashcam stars Annie Hardy who you might know from the band Giant Drag and is active on social media and streams on youtube. Annie plays an”exaggerated version of herself” in the movie according to some PR releases.

If you follow Annie on social media for any amount of time you can see it’s not really exaggerated or much of an act.  When you watch the movie and see Annie’s political views being expressed, you can see why they chose to say that. Annie is as far from woke as it gets.

The movie lets her cut loose while she goes to London during the lock-down last winter to hang out with an old bandmate and live stream the trip on YouTube. They get into a fight and Annie takes off with his car without permission.  Her friend has an Uber eats type job and Annie decides it would make funny content to take his place.

She then finds herself transporting a very weird, sick woman who can make some disturbing things happen.  Things go downhill quickly from there while we get to watch it all live-streamed complete with YouTube commenters posting things like” show us your tits”.

Not really a found footage movie, but not far off from that. Usually, I can’t stand found footage films, but this one is done in a way that makes it fresh and fun.

The movie is hilarious. I laughed through the entire thing. It’s bloody and violent. Which I love dearly.

We get mass suicide, death by car wreck, being burned alive, monsters, satan/demon cults, stapled mouths, torn off heads, ripped throats, syringes in the foot, compound arm fractures and one coup de grâce from a mini keyboard.

Directed by Rob Savage and written by Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd.

Staring Annie Hardy, Amar Chadha Patel, Angela Enahoro and Seylan Baxter.

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