New Riddler Paul Dano says we can forget all about Jim Carrey and skin-tight green spandex. That movie version of the Riddler is about to be consigned to the trash by a version of the character with an altogether more… violent approach to life. No giggling trickster, or even frustrated quizmaster, in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, he is as sinister as they come.

Ace Venturer – Serial Killer

In an interview in Empire magazine, star Paul Dano confirms that this Riddler is a serious threat.

Matt Reeves had already confirmed that he was inspired by the Zodiac Killer when creating this version of The Riddler. Taunting investigators through coded letters, almost daring them to catch him, was a hallmark of that very real-life villain.


Dano builds on this:

“So there are some grounding forces like the Zodiac Killer, right? But it’s still The Batman, and for me it’s much bigger, so it was important to let my imagination react to the script, rather than strictly basing it on a serial killer.

The costume was very intense. I think the potential DIY element you’re talking about was actually scarier to me than the more sophisticated or composed designs we might have played with. I found working with the costume to be very powerful. When you put on something like that, there’s a way to let it speak to you, and tell your body something. There’s a way to let it have a life of its own.”

Paul Dano in an earlier role

The movie opens on March 4th, and then we will find out exactly what it was they wanted to do that necessitated a complete change upon from Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne from the DCEU. Affleck’s version will re-appear via The Flash, also due next year.

Robert Pattison, Zoë Kravitz, and Colin Farrell star in The Batman with Dano’s Riddler.

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