With the weekend’s Disney D23 event now finished it’s time to reflect on some of the Marvel Disney+ shows announced.  The most interesting and lesser-known character that Marvel is finally bringing to the live-action Marvel Universe is Moon Knight.

The character was created by writer, Doug Moench, and artist, Don Perlin in 1975 appearing as a guest villain in Werewolf By Night #32.  Similar to Wolverine, the reception of Moon Knight and the story behind the character led to the popularity and his own comic book in 1980s which has run on and off since.

Moon Knight First Appearance

What makes Moon Knight stand out was he has dissociative identity disorder and is four characters in one.  His original name was Marc Spector, an ex-marine come mercenary who comes across a shrine of the Khonshu while working in Egypt.

Near-death, he is visited by Khonshu in a vision and is given the offer to return to life and serve as the enforcer of the moon god which he accepts and becomes Khnonshu’s avatar on Earth, the Moon Knight.

On his return to the United States, Spector invests his money and creates the alter ego Steven Grant to be the face of his business empire and creates the persona of Jake Lockley to be his taxi driving, street-level persona to gather Intel.  With Khonshu that makes four characters fighting for control of his mind.

Moon Knight has been compared to Batman a lot which is understandable.  He is a rich, self-financed crime fighter.  He is an expert detective and his military background has given him proficiency in hand to hand combat and use of weapons.

His weapon of choice is also similar to Batman’s batarangs with his Crescent Darts.  Moon Knight is extremely violent.  Where Batman is avenging his parents and has a line not to cross, the Moon Knight is carrying out Khonshu’s will and using that as an excuse to be as violent as possible, he doesn’t have a red line.

The moon association also results in a boost in his strength, endurance, and agility depending on the lunar cycle.  Where Batman wears black to hide in the shadows, Moon Knight wears white so that his enemies can see him coming, showing his confidence in his abilities and the fear he wants to emit.

Moon Knight has appeared in other mediums.  He was a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006) and has appeared as a background character in a number of other video games.  On TV, the character has appeared in the animated shows, Ultimate Spider-man (The Moon Knight Before Christmas, 2016) and recently on Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars (Beyond, 2017).  Although these were filtered versions of the character his costume remained accurate and has given the character much deserved exposure.

Now that he has been given his own show the fan casting can begin… Keanu Reeves, Andrew Garfield are just some of the names touted.

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