A little while ago there was report on Puck News that was pretty damning about the state of play among the top brass at Lucasfilm. For years, the keen observers among us already knew, deep down, that this was clearly the case. When their strident certainty met reality, it was always bound to cause panic.

According to the report there is a “culture of fear and indecision” around the top table at the studio. They are finally admitting to themselves that things have been going wrong regarding cinematic Star Wars.

This segues into a new determination to get it right, especially with new, returning, leadership incoming at Disney. This is why the movies are taking so long. This is according to an online rumor from scooper Jeff Sneider. You know the drill…


He reports that Lucasfilm and studio president Kathleen Kennedy are planning. They are putting together a roadmap for the future of Star Wars movies. Oh, gee Kathy, so do you think that it might have been a good idea when you had the original trio signed up and they were all still alive? Maybe then would have been a good time to have a proper plan, instead of just letting three random directors move in different directions?

What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, Star Wars has been spinning its wheels as far as the big screen goes with the wildly disappointing Rise Of Skywalker being belched onto screens what seems like a lifetime ago. Lets not kid ourselves though, the television efforts haven’t exactly been a run of triumphs with The Book Of Boba Fett average at best and Obi-Wan Kenobi veering close to a crime against television.

But the cinema projects have been particularly stuck in neutral. All sorts of ideas have been floated, projects been announced or hinted at and a parade of big names attached. And then… tumbleweed.

Sneider’s claim on The Hot Mic is that Lucasfilm has finally planned out the future of Star Wars for the next five years:

“I think there’s a lot of stuff coming down the pipe on the features side at Lucasfilm to be excited about… But specifically on the Star Wars side, I think it was a conscious decision to pivot to television for a while and really establish Disney+ and tell some different stories. But I think that… fans have to be patient obviously because we’re not gonna see any of this stuff until 2025. But like, from what I understand, Kathleen has the next five years planned out. They have their [20]26 and 2027 slates. We just don’t know what they are yet.”

Unfortunately for the world, one of these projects is almost definitely Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars movie.

Whatever the future holds for Star Wars, one thing is for sure. It wont be Gary Whitta’s suggested story. Whitta wrote The Book of Eli and then went on to co-write Rogue One. He also wrote several episodes of Rebels. He revealed an idea that he and co-writer Chris Weitz pitched to Lucasfilm for a series. On Twitter, he said it was to have taken place after Return Of The Jedi:

“Years ago my Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz and I had a cool idea for a TV show about a Mossad-style Rebel team hunting down Imperial war criminals who fled and disappeared after the fall of the Empire. Could have been a cool bookend to R1. We never did anything with it though.”

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