I’m pretty sure Stephen King has written more books than he has read. It seems like there are literally thousands of them and he’s still churning them out. One of them now might be a sequel to Cujo.

Cujo is a story about a cute St. Bernard dog that is bitten by a bat, gets rabies, and tries to kill a mother and her son while they are trapped in a car. The movie is well done and King had always thought that Dee Wallace, the star of the film, should have got an Oscar for her performance.


At the end of the book poor little Cujo dies, so a sequel would be odd. However, King has referred to the loveable pup in a new book called Rattlesnakes. In a recent interview, King talked about the idea of being transgressive.

“There are certain places I go again and again. I think we’re all afraid of death, we’re afraid of dissolution, we’re afraid of falling to pieces. I’ve gone there several times. The thing is, with zombies or any of these things, you try to do something new with it, you try to go to a place where you haven’t been before. I just wrote a long story called Rattlesnakes, and it involves, in one part, twins who are only four years old falling into a rattlesnake pit. And the snakes get ’em, basically.

It’s a terrible scene. And you don’t want to say, with a thing like that, ‘Oh wow, I’m doing this, and nobody has done that before!’ It’s all supposed to be organic to the story, it’s supposed to serve the story. So I don’t think a lot about going to a transgressive place on purpose. It’s the nature of the story itself.”

Then, the idea of Rattlesnakes being a sequel to Cujo, came a little while after that.

“Cujo is an ugly book in a lot of ways. And this novella that I’ve just written, Rattlesnakes, is actually a sequel to Cujo.”

It’s not clear how Rattlesnakes becomes a sequel, but according to King, it is. Maybe it’s a play on all the gender and race swapping of roles that is going on right now. Instead of a dog, rattlesnakes aren’t getting enough credit as a minority?

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