You know these days the good people of Hollywood, who are better than us in every way, tend to take to social media to tell us we are all racist and misogynist for not liking their latest tin-eared destruction of our favorite properties. Not Tom Cruise though. Tom just wants to say “Thanks” instead. In typical Tom fashion, it was not phoned in and his A game is in full effect.

The Cruiser dropped a message to fans to say thanks for coming back to cinemas to supporting Top Gun: Maverick, the years highest grossing movie so far.

LMO staff on their way to a screening of Top Gun: Maverick

As is now traditional, Tom continues his trick of making you pay for his extreme sports addiction by recreating all the biggest stunts from past Bond movies in Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning and it was while filming the second part of that franchise closing instalment that he shot this video.

Cruise is on what looks like a helicopter alongside director Christopher McQuarrie, above the South African coastline.

The video marks the release of Top Gun: Maverick on the Paramount+ streaming service on Thursday, just in time for Christmas. Hold on to your sprouts, Granny, as this Christmas we are watching Top Gun: Maverick straight after lunch!

Cruise is not the only one getting some air. Christopher McQuarrie has posted a new behind-the-scenes photo from that same Mission: Impossible instalment.

The photo shows two Boeing-Stearman biplanes, the kind that Cruise was seen riding in… and on… when he made the CinemaCon presentation for theatre owners earlier this year.

In the Instagram post McQuarrie makes a lengthy statement thanking cast, crew and the people of South Africa, where filming has been taking place. It seems filming is now done there, and they are moving on after Christmas:

“We’ll see you all again in the New Year on the other side of the world where a new unknown awaits… Thank you for continuing to make it all possible.”


Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One opens in cinemas July 14th 2023 with the second part on June 28th 2024 and then, just like that, Mission: Impossible is done.

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