Kids today, eh? Don’t know they are born. Millennials were bad, Gen Z are even worse. Now get off our lawn!
In all fairness though, if you don’t recognize the sheer majesty of Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World then there is probably not a lot we can do to help you. You are probably one of those types of people who watches the CW and can actually name more than one cast member of Jersey Shore. You know the type, the kind of person who actually cares who wins American Idol.
Never one to suffer fools gladly, Russell Crowe clearly has the same opinion. Although to be fair, he’s quite a lot closer to the detail than we are. Peter Weir’s critically acclaimed 2003 period drama is epic, amazing and the best Star Trek movie since Wrath Of Khan (go with us on this!).
Set in 1805, it follows Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy aboard HMS Surprise as he hunts down and battles a rival French warship. Nominated for ten Oscars and based on a series of books, the fact it doesn’t have an entire franchise built off it is a travesty of modern cinema.

A low information, ADD riddled whipper-snapper cracked a joke on Twitter:

“Lots of folk complaining about lack of sleep during the Pandemic. May I recommend Master And Commander starring the usually captivating, attention-grabbing Russell Crowe. I’ve never made it past the ten-minute mark. You’re welcome. And thanks Russell.”

A week or so later, who should stumble across the insult, but Russell Crowe himself, who responded directly:

“That’s the problem with kids these days. No focus. Peter Weir’s film is brilliant. An exacting, detail-oriented, epic tale of fidelity to Empire & service, regardless of the cost. Incredible cinematography by Russell Boyd & a majestic soundtrack. Definitely an adults movie.”

Nice move kid, you’ve annoyed Maximus Decimus Meridius and Jor-El in one go.

The film, which co-starred Vision himself Paul Bettany, is one of those movies that can be endlessly rewatched and definitely belongs on a list of movies that, if you are channel surfing and find it on, you have to watch it right to the end.
The end was definitely left hanging for a sequel. Russell. Peter. Make it, and they shall come!