The Creed movies are a great example of how to carry on a franchise without the original character in them and manage to shift from the main protagonist to a more politically correct one.

In the first movie, we saw Rocky’s primary opponent’s son get into boxing, and Rocky helps him win. Didn’t Rocky then die in one of them? I have seen them but honestly can’t remember.

Anyway, in Creed 3 Adonis is facing his biggest fight yet, his past.

This looks more like a montage than a trailer. This one is the directorial debut of Michael B Jordan, who said in an interview:

“I think for me it was the perfect time. I think growing up on set, in the industry over 20 years – I started out doing background work and extra work and just kind of just seeing the sets evolve, seeing everybody’s job, seeing how a real production’s storytelling took place.”

“I finally got to this place in my career where I wanted to tell a story and not just be in front of the camera, not just execute somebody else’s vision. And having a character that I’ve played twice before, it’s been seven, eight years living with this guy.”

“So to be able to tell a story of where I believe Adonis is at, and also at 35 years old, I had a lot to say as a young man, as a young Black man, just my life experiences and how I could actually share that, share a piece of myself with the world – through these characters and through this story. So I just felt like it was the right time. You know, I was talking to Ryan Coogler back when we were doing CREED I, and he was just like, It’s never the right time. You just gotta jump in the deep end and go for it, you know?”

“And he gave me a lot of encouragement. So I just felt like it was the right time for me.“

It’ll be interesting to see how the movie turns out. Creed 3 is due out on 3rd March 2023.

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