Only a few weeks out from their big crossover event Crisis On Infinite Earths and the CW have released a photo that underlines the lacklustre nature of the Berlanti-verse.  Here the cast appear to be cosplayers somewhat confused by the transport situation in San Diego.

All this really serves to demonstrate is how ridiculous the Batwoman hairpiece is, how they have ruined Supergirl’s costume, that Supergirl still can’t carry her own show without Superman and that Greg Berlanti continues to hate us almost as much as he hates himself.

Why does he hate us so?
The team-up will feature characters from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow and Batwoman. Characters from Black Lightning, Birds of Prey, Lucifer and Smallville will also appear, alongside Batman greats Burt Ward and Kevin Conroy.  Brandon Routh will play multiple roles including reprising his earlier Superman role.
This will also see Routh leave the cast of Legends Of Tomorrow and serve as part of the final series of Arrow.


Crisis on Infinite Earths begins on December 8th with Supergirl and finishes off with some poorly thought out conclusion with Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow on January 14th in a double bill.