Cosmic Sin has some promise, I can give it that, but what it has in promise, it lacks in basically everything else. The backdrop to the movie I found interesting, but the movie overall does nothing with it. The plot is uninspiring and pretty unoriginal, honestly. The acting doesn’t help at all either.

The movie takes place in the year 2524, but the start of the movie has text that services as a time line. It mentions Earth started colonizing Mars, the The Alliance was formed and “Quantum Propulsion Technology” was created, allowing humans to colonize further reaches of space.

It goes on to mention The Alliance, some years later rules over three colonies and one tries to rebel. You’d think maybe the movie would be about all of this or start from that point, but no. Instead it’s about first contact with aliens and how the aliens are not coming to be peaceful at all. So basically the timeline thrown out there is useless.

The biggest problem with the plot is that it’s complicated. When you have a plot that’s complicated, what you don’t want is for it to also be boring. Cosmic Sin‘s worst… sin, is being boring. I don’t know if the blame is on the writing, directing or editing, maybe all three, but it’s convoluted. I feel like I’ve already spent too much time trying to navigate it. Basically a couple colonists make first contact with aliens and it goes bad.

It also doesn’t help that when I personally am watching a movie and it’s boring on top of being a mess, I find myself daydreaming from time to time, so forgive me.

That all said, there is some action in spots, but it’s lackluster. Just some guns shooting and maybe a big boom here or there. All the guns look cool, but you can tell the actors are just holding them and in post all the muzzle flashes was added in. It takes away from the feel of action.

Cosmic Sin stars Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo. Willis for some time now has been horrible in movies. Some real phoning it in type acting, if you can even call it acting. Even the last two Die Hard movies aren’t about John McClane, it’s Bruce Willis not caring.

Willis plays retired military General James Ford. He’s brought out of retirement, for reasons. Apparently he’s a badass and leads a team to figure out what exactly happened, I guess. Again, the plot is a mess. One of the people in the group is his Ex? She gets brainwashed by the aliens. This subplot is lazily tied off by the end, but at least it gets resolved. Glass half full.

As I said before, Frank Grillo is in this, but it seems like they had him for a few days to shoot and didn’t really use him much in that short amount of time. He seems to be in the movie for about 30 minutes in total, if that. Maybe he was on his lunch breaks while filming Boss Level.

Normally that doesn’t bother me when movies do this kind of thing. However, they try to use him for a huge payoff and it just doesn’t work. You can’t have a character that pops in a couple of times be used in such a way, that they do in Cosmic Sin. I don’t want to say anymore in risk of spoiling anything. Just know he’s really under used.

Now with all that said, the ending is pretty anti-climatic. It just fizzles out and then life as we know it for 2524 goes back to whatever it was before this. It at least ties up the loose ends of any subplots that it tried to have. Although the movie probably would have been better off without them.

I do have to say the costumes and environments worked well. the armor didn’t feel fake and cheap. Even though the budget for this movie was definitely low. The CGI wasn’t great, but I’ve seen a lot worse and to be fair, I’m pretty laxed on finding fault with CGI in movies. After all, I still think the CGI work in the Ang Lee Hulk movie is all right.

I don’t usually talk about this kind of stuff much when reviewing movies, but this is were the movie showed some promise. I think if it had a little more money to spend and could have got some actors that emoted more, this could have been a decent film. Don’t get big names like Bruce Willis, because he doesn’t act anymore, he just shows up for a paycheck. Get some actors that really want to break out.

Cosmic Sin seemed like it wanted to be a bigger movie than it could be, because of the budget and wasting money on “talent” that at one time were big stars, but now don’t care for the craft. I don’t know why Frank Grillo was under used, but he could have been the main get here, wait to film when you can have his undivided attention. Maybe they just needed someone that knew how to stretch a dollar a bit better.

The movie has some interesting ideas that they should have focused on instead of a typical alien invasion story. The plot should have been more streamlined for what they had to work with. It wouldn’t have come off as such a boring mess.

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