It’s already caused the Italian filming of Mission Impossible 7 to be halted.  Now the Coronavirus epidemic is making its impact felt across the whole entertainment industry.

Movies are braced for a serious box-office downturn from the total closure of the Chinese cinema network.  The fear is that the same could happen here, or if the panic spreads then sitting in the dark with 200 strangers won’t seem like a good use of time.

Beyond this many other productions are making plans for a suspension and location shooting outside the USA is bringing with it insurance related complications.

The Disney park in Tokyo has taken a hit with visitor numbers way down.  Hong Kong and Shanghai parks were closed amid the outbreak.

The latest Bond instalment, No Time To Die, has cancelled all Chinese publicity activity and the makers are poised to cancel further Asia-Pac engagements should the situation worsen.

Five big tech conferences in the USA have been completely cancelled or postponed including the Game Developers Conference whatcha was due to happen over March 16th-20th.

Microsoft, Activision, Blizzard, Epic and Unity had already pulled out of the event over COVID-19 concerns.

This will have a significant impact on hotel bookings and restaurant trade in the area that was to host the conference.  There will also be an impact on personal travel insurance claims and business interruption clauses being activated in some commercial insurance policies.

CBS has suspended The Amazing Race production and a new series of Survivor has been pulled.

The 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo are now said to be seriously at risk with the Chinese F1 Grand Lrox already cancelled and the inaugural event in Hanoi, Vietnam is said to be on the verge of being pulled.  Six Nations rugby championship matches in Italy have also been stopped.

The next step is for studios to consider pausing releases and moving release dates to avoid major movies debuting into territories on Coronavirus close-down.  Potentially we could expect to see a fairly comprehensive re-ordering of 2020 releases and 2021/2022 production schedules if the situation continues to worsen.

Self-isolating, remaining at home and avoiding person-to-person contact outside of digital channels is pretty much standard operating procedure here at The Last Movie Outpost so we are already well placed to survive sneezy Armageddon and emerge to lead the human race after the pandemic.  We have watched Hell Comes To Frogtown six times in preparation for our new role as Supreme Overlords.

Be careful out there, try to avoid watching Outbreak and lay off the bat soup.