In the world of movie news at the moment it does seem that two out of every three stories are Coronavirus related and depressing.  Movies halting production, TV studios closed, movie theatres struggling.  But it’s OK everyone!  There is one bit of good news.  Tom Hanks is going to live!!

Hanks and wife Rita Wilson have left hospital and are self-isolating in Australia after testing positive for coronavirus.  They were both diagnosed with Covid-19 while in Australia to work on an Elvis Presley biopic.

A representative for Hanks confirmed he and Wilson are out of hospital and self-isolating at a rented home in Australia.  Hanks and Wilson have been married for over 30 years.

Proving that the Coronavirus has no consideration for decency it latched onto two time Oscar winner and star of Forrest Gump Tom Hanks, instead of Harvey Weinstein or doing something to halt the new Paw Patrol movie and save parents everywhere.

Hanks earlier offered thanks to “the helpers” while he was in hospital.

He shared a photo of a stuffed kangaroo, a koala and a piece of toast covered in Australian favourite Vegemite.  Cue immediately messages from the kind of soft-headed lumps who write to celebrities on social media, and Australians who say he is somehow doing Vegemite wrong.

Hanks is in Baz Luhrmann’s as-yet untitled Presley biopic for Warner Bros, in which he will play the singer’s manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Following his diagnosis, production on the film was halted.

He is not the only high-profile actor to reveal he has tested positive for Covid-19.  On Monday British star Idris Elba told fans he had it, but said he feels OK and does not have any symptoms.  Given the UK government is testing only people who present at hospital with serious symptoms and not those self-isolating with mild symptoms, and he says he has no symptoms, it is not 100% clear how he knows he has it.

Ex-Bond actress Olga Kurylenko (Quantum Of Solace, Hitman) has also retested positive for the virus.

She is self-isolating in her home in France. Her representatives did not return Last Movie Outpost offers of assistance.