Hatred is a powerful sin. It burns inside of sinners like you, until it eventually consumes you, Which is why it once again falls to me, the most reverend Reverend, keeper of the Last Movie Outpost Confession Booth and chosen vessel of the Goddess Gal Gadot here on Earth, to take your confession. You have all been sinning again, haven’t you? You dirty, sinning little scamps! It is time you unburdened your souls. Let the Confession Booth unburden you of your hatred.

Every time you sin like that, the Goddess causes a riot in Portland. Now, look at what you have done! And she is still hungry. She waits to feast on your sins, to render judgment upon your lack of self-control. Hark!

Oh boy, do I feel a massive sin coming on right now! The confession she shall feast on today involves your uncontrollable hatred of movie tropes. Which tropes set your teeth on edge, make you want to throw popcorn at the screen. Todays confession topic is:

Which movie tropes do you hate?

Is it the trope of Youthful Awareness, where all adults clueless? Yet, never fear, as there is always a little kid who is way more aware than the grownups, with wisdom beyond their years?

Is it the trope of Inability To Finish, where any hero fails to shoot the villain more than once, thus allowing the villain to miraculously recover and spring back from the dead for a final attack?

Or is it something more simple and straightforward, such as the Grocery Store trope, whereby no matter who is doing the shopping, and for what reason, they will always have leafy greens and a baguette protruding from a brown paper bag?

As you sit in the theater, or in the privacy of your own home that no doubt stinks of your sins, what do you hate whenever it turns up in a movie?  Confess. CONFESS!!

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