The Comic-Con cup runeth over. Buried under the avalanche of big studio superhero fare, there are other things going on. Here is just a taste of some of the other reveals from San Diego.



Apple TV+ has unveiled a trailer for the third and final season of its epic post-apocalyptic series See, which returns August 26th.

Jason Momoa leads the show, which is set in a brutal and primitive future, hundreds of years after humankind has lost the ability to see.

Interview With The Vampire

AMC has released the official trailer for its Interview With The Vampire TV series adaptation of the late author Anne Rice’s famous novels.

Jacob Anderson stars as Louis de Pointe, with Australian actor Sam Reid as Lestat, and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy. AMC have secured the rights to all of Rice’s novels and Reid is expected to reprise the Lestat role across multiple projects. Interview With The Vampire will be released on AMC and AMC+ on October 2nd.

Star Trek: Picard

The final season of Star Trek: Picard will land in 2023 and will feature the return of all of the original Next Generation cast.

Only Seven-of-Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Raffi (Michelle Hurd) return from the previous season cast.


A new TV spot has been released for the upcoming Predator prequel – Prey. This proclaims the event as showing the Predator’s first hunt on Earth.

The film premiered to an audience at Comic-Con and the reactions were wildly positive with the press members who saw it declaring it “…the best entry since the original 1987 film.”

Meanwhile, let’s go and see what else has been going on at Comic-Con…



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