Is The Conspiracy Real?

During the Comic-Con@Home panel for the new series Utopia, Amazon dropped a trailer for the upcoming conspiracy thriller.

An eight-episode series, Utopia is centred around a bunch of comic book fans who discover a conspiracy from one of their graphic novels is real.

Here’s the trailer –

Amazon’s official synopsis reads –

Utopia follows a group of comic fans who meet online and bond over their obsession of a seemingly fictional comic called, Utopia. [A group of fans] unearth hidden meanings cloaked within the pages of Utopia, predicting threats to humanity. They realize these are not just the makings of a conspiracy; they are very real dangers coming alive right now in their world.”

During the panel, the cast and showrunner discussed remaking the series, which was originally a bleak, UK series that ran for two seasons on Channel 4.

Utopia (UK Poster, Channel 4)

The series delves into the themes of fandom and conspiracy, while centred around friendship in Chicagoland.

The series stars Dan Byrd (Easy A), Ashleigh LaThrop (The Handmaid’s Tale), Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day), Desmin Borges (You’re the Worst), and Javon “Wanna” Walton (Euphoria).

Utopia will arrive on Amazon Prime later this year.