She has traveled the universe with Doctor Who, ruled an Empire as Victoria, and been the accomplice of a con-man and murderer in The Serpent. Jenna Coleman has come a long way since the British soap opera Emmerdale. Now she is heading for The War Rooms.

The story is based on the memoirs of Joan Bright called The Inner Circle. It will tell the story of the women who worked in Winston Churchill’s Whitehall war rooms and bunker throughout World War II.

Bright herself was one of these women and started her career as a secretary. Over the course of the war, she rose through the ranks, proving herself indispensable. She ended up as the prime organizer of conferences and key meetings between Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt. She was awarded the OBE for her service.

The show will cover the entire war over several seasons. It will be produced by David Parfitt (The Father) and Jamie Carmichael (Fish Tank), while Coleman scores herself an Executive Producer credit.

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