What else do we need to say? Cocaine. Bear. Perfection.

Cocaine Bear is on course to open to an estimated $21.21 million for the three-day weekend. This puts it way ahead of expectations following its opening day gross of $8.7 million. It opened overseas in fifty markets where it is expected to bring in another $5 million. This places it second only to Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania and ahead of Jesus Revolution, Lionsgate’s faith-based feature set during the 1970s-set and inspired by true events centers on a revivalist Christian movement that swept America.

Cocaine Bear Real
The real Cocaine Bear, stuffed.

The film is rated R, and earns it. Even so, director Elizabeth Banks says they decided to tone down one gore scene in the third act a little bit. In an interview with EW she said:

“I just didn’t think we could make a movie about a rampaging bear on a bender without the gore. I mean, bears literally eat their prey alive. [Still,] at the very end of the process, we ended up cutting back on a few shots of gore in the third act of the film.

I just felt at that point the audience was on more of an emotional journey and I didn’t want to distract from it. So, for instance, [one character who gets attacked] we had some incredible prosthetics of him, they ripped off his whole face, and we had a close-up of it that is no longer in the movie. Maybe in the director’s cut we’ll get some of that back in.”

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