Netflix has unveiled the full trailer Cobra Kai season 5. The Karate Kid continuation returns to the streamer in less than a month, and remains one of their biggest hits.

Last season saw Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang lost out to Cobra Kai in the final of the All Valley and lost their bet with Silver and Kreese. Forced to close Miyagi Do, Johnny, Daniel and the crew were unaware that the tournament result was not all it seems . Meanwhile, Silver turned on his business partner and framed him for a crime he didn’t commit, clearing the way for his plans.

Cobra Kai

The new season sees Silver in complete control and rapidly expanding his chain of dojos, finally realising his plan from The Karate Kid III. We know Mike “Bad Boy” Barnes will return and we see some glimpses of the brutal training methods Silver put Daniel through in the third movie in the franchise.

Meanwhile Chozen has returned on the side of the good guys, and Johnny travels to Mexico with his estranged son Robby to hunt down the missing Miguel.

Courtney Henggeler is back as Amanda LaRusso, plus Vanessa Rubio as Carmen Diaz. In addition, MMA fighter Tyron Woodley will reportedly guest star in the new season.

Cobra Kai producer Josh Heald recently said in an interview that Netflix is really supportive and has allowed them to up the production schedule, and they have more ready to go with the plans and storylines all mapped out:

“We can’t believe we’ve filmed two seasons of the show this year. In our minds, it’s crazy to believe how far ahead of the story we are than what the audience has seen so far.”

Cobra Kai season 5 debuts on on September 9th.

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