When we last left the valley in Cobra Kai, things were not going well for the good guys. A loss for Miyagi-Do in the girls final at the All Valley Karate Championships meant that the Cobra Kai dojo were in the ascendency.

Even worse, Cobra Kai was now in the control of Terry Silva (Thomas Ian Griffith) after he double crossed his old war buddy and partner John Kreese.

As the dojo expands across the valley, teaching kids his questionable version of karate, what can Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) do to stop him?

The closing scene showed the return of Karate Kid II villain Chozen as an ally of his old enemy, Daniel. Who else is returning from the legacy movie series?

As behind the scenes images are released from the upcoming fifth season, the images confirm a rumored old face is to return. Sean Kanan is reprising his role as Mike Barnes from The Karate Kid III. Will he align with the good guys,more help Silva in his goal of karate domination?

The details around how Barnes resurfaces, and what part he will play in the battle for the karate soul of the valley, remains unknown.


Cobra Kai followed the lives of Daniel and Johnny more than 30 years after the events of the ’80s Karate Kid movies.

When the two decide to opened competing dojos, they reignited their old rivalry from high school. Now, joined forces in an uneasy alliance against the returning Silver, as the lives of the teenagers in the valley, with the local karate obsession still in full swing, intertwine.

Cobra Kai returns in exactly one month, on September 9th.

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