We are not going to mince our words here at the Outpost. Cobra Kai is quite simply one of the best new shows to be released in recent years. It shouldn’t work, it couldn’t have worked, yet it does work magnificently.

An expert blend of warm nostalgia and new direction, not ashamed of its past while clearly forging forward, this part high school drama, part soap opera, part martial arts slugfest has all the wrong ingredients, yet when they are combined the magic happens.

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio are clearly having the time of their lives returning to the roles after all these years, with Martin Kove gleefully chewing scenery in the background. With a hinted return for Ally Mills potentially on the cards, season 2 left Daniel and Johnny as far away from reconciliation as ever after a tragedy ripped through the valley.

The show is bankrolled by YouTube Red, but actually made by Sony TV. It told Sony that it was not going to order a fourth season once the third was done as YouTube strategically shift away from making their own content.

Sony TV wisely understand they have a good show on their hands so apparently asked for permission to shop the show around, with season 3, but also non exclusive rights to seasons 1 and 2. Then if season 3 is a success whoever has won the show can go forward with season 5 and beyond.

Netflix and Hulu are leading the short list of contenders after a bidding war eliminated several other platforms. Negotiations are now reportedly nearing completion.

Lets hope this process gives Cobra Kai the home it deserves and let’s this show complete it’s story.