Finally some proof that good things can happen to nice people. Create a show with passion, make it with love, respect the audience and the source material, and make it fun. If you do this, people will come.  And come they did.

So it was with Cobra Kai. The Nielsen streaming estimates pointed to good things. Now the figures from Netflix themselves have confirmed this. Despite effectively being a re-run after they did good business on YouTube Red / YouTube Premium, Cobra Kai is a smash-hit for Netflix. 50 million member accounts chose to watch the series over the first four weeks of release.

In it’s third quarter earnings report Netflix detailed that the show came in ahead of Ratched (48 million views), The Umbrella Academy (43 million) and Lucifer (38 million).

They also pointed to movies remaining a big draw for their viewers, which is good news to creatives with the theater network in survival mode and the future of mid-budget movies of all genres in doubt among the onslaught of hyper-budgeted super-franchises.

The Old Guard did 78 million, followed up by Enola Holmes (76 million), Project Power (75 million) and The Kissing Booth 2 (66 million).

Netflix drew some heat for getting rid of the free month long trial which was being taken advantage of by binge watchers. However it will replace this with a single weekend, countrywide free access weekend for everyone starting with India the rolling around the world.

With season 3 in the bag and season 4 greenlit, we guess Cobra Kai really does never die!