It’s official, the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai is moving house to Netflix. YouTube is getting out of the original TV game and Cobra Kai was the jewel in its crown and too good to let die. Netflix have opened the wallet and grabbed the show. The streamer has the rights to Season 1 and 2 on a non-exclusive basis, and will release them later this year. It will then release Season 3 exclusively after that.

With this new Netflix has officially saved at least one subscription. Having not watched a single thing on the service for over six months, and with Amazon Prime, Disney+, a full Sky TV package and a huge physical media library it is fair to say it was on the chopping block in my house. I will keep it now just to watch this show.

Apparently the bidding war was quite intense, as the show is held in such high esteem. Hulu was vanquished as Netflix committed a higher production budget going forward and has a global reach, whereas Hulu is primarily a US play.

Though the new deal is focused purely on the Cobra Kai series at the moment Netflix and Sony TV – the makers of the show – have started to explore a franchise expansion in a wider Karate Kid universe and are looking at future seasons.

Brian Wright, VP of Original Series at Netflix, said in a statement:

“The appeal of The Karate Kid saga is timeless, and Cobra Kai picks up right where it left off without missing a beat. The rivalry between Daniel and Johnny is one for the ages, and the show has a ton of heart and is a lot of fun. We can’t wait to introduce a new generation of fans to Cobra Kai and are thrilled to be its new home around the world.”

With a rumored trip to Okinawa in Season 3, Terry Silva and Mike “Bad Boy” Barnes still to appear and Alli Mills-Schwarber teased, plus a devastating cliffhanger to resolve, there is still plenty of story to tell. However one reason why Cobra Kai has remained so strong as a show is quality over quantity.

The story moves at a perfect pace and the nostalgia is expertly weaved in rather than over-bearing. Don’t mess this up Netflix!