Scott Eastwood, the actor son of the legendary actor himself and director Clint Eastwood was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday. (RELATED: Celebrating 50 – A Look Back At Dirt Harry)

Scott Eastwood spoke about a few things, such as his Made Here brand and beer.

Another thing he talked to Rogan about was of course his father and one of the stories he told was about his father being on an Army plane that crashed off the coast of San Francisco.

Clint had to swim for two miles at night, with another person in tow to shore. Let’s not forget all the sharks that are in the bay, of course. It sounds like it’s right out of one of his movies.

That crash kept the Hollywood actor/director legend from deploying to the Korean War. Do to him having to testify to the incident and such.

On top of that, it took an entire week before Eastwood was able to make contact with his mother, who was told by the Army of his plane crashing into the bay. Naturally she ended up thinking he was dead.

It’s hard to imagine a parent having to think their child is dead, for an entire week. Of course back then there was no social media or cell phones, anything like today for quick and easy communication.

After a week, Eastwood was able to get in touch with his mother and let her know that he was alive and well.

Honestly, does anyone think something like a plane crash is going to knock off a tough as nails kind of guy like Clint Eastwood?

You can listen to Scott Eastwood give a more detailed story or the severity of the situation below.

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