Thor news is coming thick and fast now, as production limbers up for Thor: Love And Thunder down under in Australia as soon as New Year rolls around.

When it was revealed that Academy Award winning actor, and former DC Comics star Christian Bale was to join the cast the internet went into a frenzy of speculation about which character he would play. Everyone from Beta Ray Bill to Mephisto to even a younger version of Odin were all rumored by those of us on the internet who have too much time on our hands.

Beta Ray Bill

Now it has been confirmed by Marvel themselves that Bale is in the cast, and he will be playing a role that nobody guessed. Gorr the God Butcher.

Gorr the God Butcher comes from the Thor: God of Thunder series published in 2013. Gorr is an alien from an unnamed world who lost his entire family, as well as his faith as a result. He refuses to believe that Gods can even exist following his tragedy.

Gorr The God Butcher clashes with Thor

When he finds out that they actually were out there in the universe, and did nothing to help, he decided he was going to rearrange the universe to match his way of thinking about Gods, through violence. Now no God is safe.

This is on top of the news confirming that Lady Sif will be back in the form of Jaimie Alexander. She could not appear in Thor: Ragnorok as she was working on Blindspot. Lucky for her, as the Warriors Three did not last very long in against Hela. Remember in Thor: The Dark World she revealed romantic feelings for Thor.

This will be awkward as he has been travelling the galaxy having adventures and will soon return to face not just Lady Sif, but Jane Foster too (in the form of returning Natalie Portman). You know how women are about this kind of thing?