There’s a Super Mario animated movie in the works and the powers that be thought that Chris Pratt would be the perfect casting for the voice of Mario. It was announced this week that Pratt will also lend his voice to the world’s most sarcastic cat, Garfield.


Garfield, created by Jim Davis, has been around since 1976, where he first appeared locally before going on to find fame globally. There have been two live-action movies already, Garfield: The Movie and A Tale of Two Kitties, both voiced by Bill Murray and both panned by critics and audiences.

Social media has been alight with messages of love and appreciation for the great casting! Nah, not really, Twitter has been honest about it.

“I don’t want to live in a world in which Mario and Garfield are the same guy.”

“Don’t care, doesn’t matter, won’t see it, never seen a Garfield, but it’s very funny that this is just the thing now.”

“Chris Pratt as Garfield is the biggest miscasting since Chris Pratt as Mario.”

“The most generic ‘some guy’ voice available and they keep throwing iconic, unique-sounding animated characters at him. Did he win a bet with a witch?”

What do you make of the casting? Is this a cat that just shouldn’t wake up from a nap at all?

There is no news on when Garfield is due out.

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