Say what you will about the JJ Abrams Star Trek reboots, but the cast was well chosen and Chris Pine is a decent actor. He has said recently that he would like to return to the role of Captain Kirk.

Pine has played Kirk three times in the “reimagining” of Star Trek and a fourth movie has been announced. However, that recently lost its writer / director to the Marvel machine.

“Message Spock? Or spit?”

It seems stuck in limbo. Star Trek TV is a mixed bag. Strange New Worlds gets good comments, but the rest of it? Well, it seems no one likes it and everyone hopes it will just kind of beam up, miss the ship, and float off into the emptiness of space.

Pine recently did an interview with Happy Sad Confused, and sounded like every Star Trek fan out there:

“It’s super cool. I love the idea. It’s very rare to get a chance to play one character over the entire essentially course of your career. If I had the chance to do that, I think it would be so cool. So, so cool. So hopefully we get to do it.”

The fourth Star Trek remains announced, but not fully locked. Pine said, about himself and the rest of the cast:

“I think reporters think that we know more than we’re saying and when I say that I honestly—none of us know anything. I haven’t seen a script. All I heard was that they said we’re making a film. I am so stoked for that idea and possibility as we all are, but it’s so premature to say anything because there’s no date, no nothing. But I’m pretty positive we’d all come back. I don’t see why not.”

With Matt Shakman stepping back to direct the new Fantastic Four instead, it will continue to be in a holding pattern until a new director comes aboard the project.

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