We will say this about dystopian nightmare totalitarian dictatorships. They get sh*t done! As the West slowly dies, collapsing under the weight of identarian virtue signaling and a complete lack of moral direction, while the cancer of social media eats away at civilization, China is clearly getting itself match-fit for their turn ruling the world.

As we raise another generation of obese, braindead morons, getting their opinions given to them in online echo-chambers, and either too risk-averse or too out of breath to even go outside a climb a tree, China says to its kids:

“Not so fast, tubby! Put down that tablet!”

An explosion of vision-related disorders in children and increasing child obesity, among other issues, has led to the Chinese state declaring online and mobile gaming as a social disorder and deciding that action must be taken.

A video game regulator will limit online gaming for anyone under the age of 18 to one hour a day, specifically between 8-9pm, and only on Fridays, weekends, and holidays. The rule comes into effect pretty much immediately.

Gaming companies have been told to prevent children from playing outside these times through the implementation of controls. Ever so Communist inspections of online gaming companies will also be stepped up. A knock on the door from an agent of the state? How very 1970s!

The impact of gaming addiction and other harmful online activities, including social media, among youth has been of concern in China for a long time.

It noted minors could still use their parents’ accounts to bypass the restrictions and said parents and schools also need to step up supervision. Chinese regulators have also targeted the private tutoring industry and what they see as celebrity worship in recent weeks, citing the need to ensure the wellbeing of children.

“Wait until they get just a little bit fatter….”

So, a future where our wheezing soldiers, split into intersectional regiments and crying about incorrect pronoun usage, are so busy fighting their own inherent biases that they can’t effectively evacuate from Japanese and Filipino bases in the face of the advancing Chinese, probably awaits us.

What fun!

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