Early Years

Sheryl Ann Fenn was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 1, 1965. Her family was involved in the music industry. Her father managed Alice Cooper and her aunt on her mother’s side was Suzi Quatro.

When her family moved to Los Angeles in 1982, Fenn decided to drop out of high school and pursue a career in acting. She was 17.

Starting Roles

“I did a lot of movies instead of waitressing or that kind of thing at the beginning, and it wasn’t as if I even took acting very seriously when I started. I was in California for the first time. I was going to clubs, I was going here, I was going there, I was skipping acting classes when I could. Luckily, I had an agent who really believed in me and she just kept pushing me, thinking something would happen.” – Sherilyn fenn

Fenn began her career with smaller roles and B movies including The Wild Life, Just One of the Guys, The Wraith, and Zombie High.

In 1985 she made a short film with Johnny Depp for the American Film Institute called Dummies.