Daniela Bianchi was born in Rome on January 31, 1942. Prior to working as a model and an actress she studied ballet for eight years.


Bianchi’s first role in a movie was a bit part in an Italian movie, 1958’s En cas de malheur. In 1960 Bianchi was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant. The press voted her Miss Photogenic during this contest.

From 1961-2 Bianchi appeared in 3 more Italian movies; Les Démons de minuit (1961), La spada del Cid (1962), and Una domenica d’estate (1962).

Her big breakout role came the following year when she was cast as Tanya, the Russian love interest of 007 in From Russia With Love. Her Italian accent was so heavy that her voice had to be dubbed by British Shakespearean actress Barbara Jefford.

Bianchi primary appeared in French and Italian movies over the next few years. The most famous role was in the James Bond spoof Operation Kid Brother (1967) starring Sean Connery’s brother, Neil, as well as other actors that appeared in the first 4 Bond movies (including Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell).


Her only American role was in Dr. Kildare (1964).

Bianchi retired from public life in 1970 when she married Alberto Cameli, an Italian shipping magnate. They were married util his death in 2018.

In 2012, Bianchi appeared as herself in a small role in the documentary film We’re Nothing Like James Bond.

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