Welcome back to our series here at Last Movie OupostCelebrating 1982 Films. Last week we looked at the Spielberg classic ET. This week’s movie is The Thing.

Certain years were just filled with amazing movies and 1982 was one of them. Perhaps the best ever. We’re celebrating this seminal year as 40 years have now passed. We’re remembering some of the great movies that came out in this most excellent year that still stand the test of time.


This week, we’re talking a genre defining horror movie – The Thing. Incredibly, it wasn’t fully appreciated when it first came out. The original release only made around $20 million against a budget of approximately $15 million.

Critics panned it, calling it as gross and excessive. It’s only 40 years later that it’s now considered a classic and one of the best horror movies ever made. The story, the acting, the practical effects, the music, all make it almost a perfect movie.

Set in the frozen Antarctica, a helicopter chases a lone sled dog and they end up at an American research base, where it transpires the dog isn’t just a dog. You know the rest of the story and, if you haven’t seen the movie, you are missing out. However, I know you have seen it, since it’s The Thing. If you haven’t seen it, hand in your Movie Geek Card right now!

Here is a short video about the making of The Thing, how it took a while to get off the ground, the poor reception and the reboot/prequel that it suffered in 2011.

Enjoy this look back, and watch for more entries in our limited series Celebrating 1982 Films.

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