Next week is Star Wars Day (May the Fourth). I, for one, will be celebrating by watching one of the original trilogy at least. Disney+ is encouraging everyone to celebrate by launching Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a Clone Wars spin off and by getting everyone to watch The Skywalker Saga.

May Fourth

Notice anyone missing? The Mandalorian, and Cara Dune, are conspicuous by their absence as is anyone from Episode 7, 8 and 9. This story was first picked up by The Direct and it peaked my interest, given Disney and their recent mixed to poor Star Wars history.

It’s odd, since they do have Ahsoka Tano, which looks like actress Rosario Dawson who was in The Mandalorian and Asajj Ventress and the clones from The Bad Batch.

However, the full sized banner does have Kylo Ren and some sequel trilogy crew in it. This is the best version I could fine of the full sized one.

May Fourth

The smaller, main poster does seem to focus on the original trilogy, with Luke and Vader being the main characters. The only site of the prequels is Darth Maul. The full poster pushes any newer cast members right to the edges.

The 2020 poster included a lot of people, including Rey and Kylo, but again, focused more on the original trilogy.

May Fourth

Disney and Lucasfilm do know a little about advertising and have changed posters before for different markets. Here is an international poster for The Force Awakens and the same poster, but made for China. Can you spot the difference?

May Fourth

Is Disney trying to tell us fans something? Is it all subliminal? Is it an old Jedi mind trick?

“These aren’t the characters you are looking for…”

May the Fourth be with you!

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