Always Go To The Source

Everyone at the Outpost has been knocking around the online movie community for a long time, a very, very long time.

As a result we tend to treat leaks with general suspicion to start with.  However when something comes from leakers with proven pedigree then we have to sit up and take notice.

These leaks come from guys with a strong hit rate, and they are pretty huge news.

In short, Star Trek is acknowledged internally at CBS as a disaster.  First Star Trek Discovery and now Star Trek Picard are being roundly rejected by hardcore fandom and casual viewers alike.

The “Get Woke / Go Broke” lessons might take a while to get through to executives.  The failure of Charlie’s Angels, the collapse of Birds Of Prey at the box-office and now the total implosion of two shows in a universe as potentially profitable as Star Trek will make suits sit up and take notice.  These rumors say that it’s happening already at CBS and Viacom.

CosmicBookNews has pulled together all the leaks into one place.  These have come from the Overlord DVD channel that successfully nailed the Captain Marvel and Brie Larson stories, and was proven right on the money over Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.  This channel was commenting on 4Chan leaks that they had confirmed with their own sources.

The big news is that CBS All Access is in trouble.  It just can’t compete with rivals like Disney+ and is not profitable.  It is to be folded into the new ViacomCBS streaming service to allow it to compete better as a single entity.  Expect an announcement soon.

What Of Star Trek?

The news from the inside pulls no punches.  The leaks state that there is no solid plan for Star Trek going forward.  Everything has been chaotic, described as:

”…a mad scramble…”

Star Trek is performing worse than it ever has for CBS and the executives are furious that the hostile reception to Star Trek Discovery has been repeated by Star Trek Picard.  Viewers are switching off and fandom is abandoning both shows in droves.

Complaints about real world identity politics injected into the shows, characters behaving in nonsensical ways and storylines that pay no attention to established Trek lore is alienating existing fans while making newcomers instantly reject the shows.

Creator / executive producer Alex Kurtzman is under pressure as his name is over the door.

The leaks get even more damning from here.  The story that Kurtzman is all in on a Section 31 show is a lie, there is no show.  There is network wide resistance to a Section 31 show and giving Kurtzman any more Trek.

Star Trek Discovery Season 3 will be its last.  It’s so final that the last episode of that season is written already as a complete finale.

Star Trek itself is largely on internal probation within ViacomCBS until somebody, anybody can figure out what the hell to do about the mess.

Bryan Fuller was been approached to take over the Star Trek franchise in totality but is said to have rejected the offer very strongly after how they treated him on Discovery.

All the new series following Lower Decks and the Nickelodeon show Prodigy are non-existent and unlikely to happen.  These two shows will happen as they are already funded but will get one season each and even that may be cut in episodes.

It Gets Worse!

Kurtzman has been focusing on his Clarice show, not Star Trek so at this point any stories about a Pike show or even Picard Season 2 are not true. There is absolutely nothing planned beyond what they already have.

Star Trek has been described internally as:

”…a dumpster fire, a mess…”

The internal mantra follows that of Star Wars in that the merchandising doesn’t lie, and merchandising sales reveal Star Trek is an:

”…unparalleled debacle.”

There are even fewer licensees for Star Trek Picard than there are for Star Trek Discovery which had so few as to not be worth anything to CBS.

in a desperate attempt to mask these leaks apparently CBS has a media operation putting out fake leaks to discredit and obscure the real leaks but the signal is still getting through.

Ira Behr and Ron Moore have apparently been approached to come in and make Trek great again but they are yet to agree.  Imagine they will want a large degree of control and to keep the meddling suits away, however the suits will never learn.

Something major is expected to happen in June or July.

Viacom are playing hardball internally with a view that anything not making money is finished, closed down and cut away.

On the movie side they have already rejected Noah Hawley’s Star Trek 4 outline for, unbelievably, being seen as “Too Trek!”

One other, unsubstantiated rumour is that Viacom are considering shipping the whole thing out of CBS and Paramount, and selling the entire franchise for a considerable sum to Universal.

Given the complete clusterfuck they made of the arrangements before, including contractual tentacles into JJ Abrams and Bad Robot, that created a lot of this mess in the first place with the much discussed “25% difference” clauses then it’s hard to see how anyone can even be trusted to extricate this properly from Viacom.